Does ShoreWaves provide service in my area?

Give us your address and we will look it up. We can usually give you an answer by checking our coverage maps.

It is possible we will need to visit your location to know for sure.

If we cannot provide service to you today, your request will go into our network planning database and we will contact you when service is on the way to your location.

How does your billing work?

Like most utility companies, we charge in advance for fixed monthly fees. If a bill is not paid by a few days before the due date our billing system will automatically notify you via email.

If it remains unpaid, your Internet service to the outside world will be disconnected but you can still use it to connect with our customer service web site to pay your bill.

As Soon as you do, your service will be restarted within a few minutes.

Who owns the ShoreWaves equipment at my house?

The cable connecting the outdoor equipment through the wall and to the indoor ShoreWaves equipment belongs to you. If it is damaged or destroyed there is a charge to replace it. (Never try to replace or extend the cabling with some of your own – it will void the no-cost replacement warranty of the equipment.)

The outdoor antenna and the indoor POE power brick remain the property of ShoreWaves. If they fail in normal use ShoreWaves will replace them without cost.

If you have an Air Router or Air Gateway from ShoreWaves inside your house, those are also the property of ShoreWaves.

Does the ShoreWaves service keep working when the power goes out?

Only if you have your equipment plugged into an uninterruptible power supply (“UPS”). Our base stations and backbone network nodes are equipped with enough battery power to keep operating through an outage of several hours. Our end will be trying to talk with your house, but you need a UPS (or generator) at the your house to keep your end alive.

A UPS can also be used to power your computer, and it is a smart addition to your home.

If you have a ShoreWaves cordless IP Phone, only the base station needs backup power.

How much power does the ShoreWaves equipment use?

The outdoor equipment and POE adapter use about 4 watts, around the clock when turned on. In a 30 day month, that is a total of about 3 Kilowatts. UPPCO rates at the time of this writing are about $0.183 per Kilowatt hour, for a monthly cost of about 53 cents.

Can I turn off the ShoreWaves equipment when I am not using it?

Yes, but we recommend against it for most customers. You probably have a smart phone or tablet PC that is constantly listening for email and application updates. Turning off the ShoreWaves equipment may cause these devices to use your cellular carrier data plan instead of their WiFi connection. That usually costs considerably more than the electricity used by the ShoreWaves equipment. It may also take several minutes for the ShoreWaves equipment to come online after it has been turned off, especially in cold weather.

The ShoreWaves antenna equipment attached to my neighbor’s house looks different from mine. Does he have a better connection than me.

No, ShoreWaves installers are trained to use the most appropriate equipment for each customer. If your house is in an open area and your neighbor’s is surrounded by trees, the equipment will most likely be different.

The equipment is already evolving rapidly, and the looks change frequently. What matters is inside, not what it looks like on the outside.

Can I use ShoreWaves service in my car?

No. ShoreWaves operates what is known as a “fixed wireless” network. Mobile wireless networks use different technology.

Can I use my existing analog telephones with ShoreWaves service?

Yes, with one of our analog telephone adapters. Some advanced features that are available with our IP telephones will not be available on your analog phone.

Will Vonage telephone service (or Magic Jack or any of those others we see on TV) work with ShoreWaves Internet?

Probably not, and we do not offer any technical support if you try. Instead try our ShoreWaves brand telephone service, which we fully support.

Will my VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection to the office work on ShoreWaves.

It should, if you subscribe to a ShoreWaves plan designed for it. We recommend a “work at home” plan.

How does ShoreWaves Internet service compare to my satellite service from HughesNet (or Starband or Wild Blue)?

1) Faster page loading
2) Your VPN connection to the office will work reliably
3) Netflix and other video streaming will work well
4) No daily usage limits! (on most ShoreWaves plans)
5) You can use it for online gaming
6) No big ugly satellite dish on your house!

Does weather affect ShoreWaves service?

Not common rain or snow. In temperatures near freezing, ice formation on the outdoor equipment may cause a temporary problem.

Does ShoreWaves offer a business class Internet service plan?

Our work-at-home plans are suitable for most work at home professionals. For service in a business office with multiple workers, please contact our sister company KPBIZnet at 906 482 6123.

My ShoreWaves service is not running as fast as I think it should

It sounds simple, but getting an accurate speed test can be difficult. See the recommended procedure for ShoreWaves customers here.

I want to put WiFi in my home and use it with my ShoreWaves service

The standard ShoreWaves installation includes a wireless router. Our installer will set up your WiFi inside the house and give you the password. We also offer outdoor WiFi access points so you can use your service around the yard, at additional cost.

How many PCs, tablets, smart phones, gaming consoles, and other Internet devices can I connect to my ShoreWaves service?

As many as you want! Just remember that each device uses up some of the speed plan you have purchased. If you plan to be watching NetFlix in one room while gaming in the room next door and running a web conference in the home office, a basic home plan is going to be way too slow for you.

Call ShoreWaves customer service at 906-523-9370 and tell us what you need your ShoreWaves service to do. We will recommend the plan that best fits your needs.